Tropín Casa: Who we are and what we want to create

Pati + Ollie (our owner with her sidekick), Illustrated By Aleksandra Ruiz
At Tropin Casa, we've curated a collection of tropical modern decor and we'd love to see you:
  • Transform your home into a dreamy oasis of calm with ethnic fibers, natural tones and the cozy warmth of earth inspired textures with Bali, African and Carribbean sourced items. 
  • Bring in some charm with the sophisticated use of vintage details, rustic and weather-aged objects for that authentic, rich, old-world feel. 
  • Add dimension and go for a touch of boldness through saturated tropical hues, some floral drama and top it all off with plants and greenery for an inviting ambience that will have guests asking if you're a pro interior designer (of course you are!).

Who we are

The girl behind the brand, Pati,  is a designer and stylist who wishes to transform your home into more than a house, a sanctuary for your spirit. After studying interior design in the United States and continuing her studies in Puerto Rico, she immersed into the interior design world through the furniture industry. She was able to work with interior designer Aurora Koehlke whom she looks up to for her creative way of solution making and exciting new look for design in Puerto Rico. Pati's inspiration is drawn from all art forms and nature. She started Tropín Casa with the idea of bringing a brand to her country of home decor & furniture that was responsibly sourced and carefully curated in order to craft a home that not only emits visually a free spirited aesthetic, but also was thought out with sustainable materials and fair trade brands. 

More about Pati

Favorite Style: Eclectic, Scandi, Tropical modern

Favorite Designer: Justina Blakeney, Jorge Cañete

Favorite home accessory: Cozy Throw, Rattan trays


Who is Ollie?

Ollie is a weimaraner full of energy who brings light to our office. He keeps us on our toes and brings happiness to our hearts which is why we like to include him in our posts. He enjoys long jogs (more like sprints) and loves to "examine" the plants... sometimes a little too much.